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Mercredi 24 septembre 3 24 /09 /Sep 20:41
The online needlework just started, and I'm really a little excited because it's the first time my designs can be found on the show page of European Cross Stitch Co. which is my distributor.

Only retailers are able to place orders there, but it's so nice viewing the pages of all the different designers 
Now I know what I'll do the next hours this evening and probably some more hours the next days till the show will close, and surely it will end with a list of several MUST HAVE charts. There are always a lot of charts I can't live without.
"c'est la vie!!"
Par Romy in Austria
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Samedi 20 septembre 6 20 /09 /Sep 17:38
I just finished the stitching of my new design the "Blue Deer Sampler", I couldn't resist to do the framing immediately and to take a picture. It's not the professional picture for the cover of the chart, I only want to show how it looks like to you, my dear stitching friends.
And surely want to know, if you like it!!!

The stitch count is 175 x 247 and it's stitched on 35 count HDF linen in Zinc with Dinky Dye silks.
I stitched my inspirational words "Tradition with a Future" (which is also my company name) on it, but will include an extra sheet for personalizing the sampler. I think this row is perfect to put your name or your anniversary or maybe a favourite poem on the the sampler.
The chart should be available at the end of next week and the retail price will be € 15,--.
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Mercredi 10 septembre 3 10 /09 /Sep 11:08
I'm back from vacation and I'm back to working on the model stitching of my new design.

It's another traditonal monochrome sampler and I think it will be called the "Blue Deer Sampler".

I'm stitching the model with Dinky Dyes silks Midnight on 35 count HDF Vikki Clayton linen Zinc.

The chart should be ready for publishing in October after I have finished the stitching on the model. Here's a little preview picture.
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Lundi 25 août 1 25 /08 /Août 15:45

In the week around the 18th of August there are a lot of celebrations in our little hometown. There is one festivity after the other and at the moment I'm really happy that slowly live becomes a little more relaxed.

Here's a picture of my elder DD and me in the front, behind us there are two actors which are walking during our home town the whole day.
We are wearing one of our "Dirndls" which is an traditional cloth in Austria and very practical. You can wear it for work, for festivities, for excursions or theatre and you are always well dressed.

But now I'm happy to go on vacation for some days and can change it for bikinies and shorts and light dresses!

See you soon again!!!
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Mercredi 13 août 3 13 /08 /Août 17:21
I really have enjoyed viewing the pictures of the first completed Austrian Spot Samplers. It's thrilling to view how my first design comes "to life"!

As a little "thank you" I want to donate a little gift to the first three finished Austrian Spot Samplers.

I choose a tiny replica of Austrian Empress Sisi's Diamond stars, that she usually plaited in her long hair, what you can see on the postcard below.

So one star will go to Bhooma in Indianapolis and one star to Asta in Lithuania.
You can view Bhooma's  gorgeous finished sampler below and Asta has put a picture of her beautiful finish on her blog.
Ladies, I hope you will enjoy the tiny gift as a little rememberance!

So there is one start left, I'm really curiously where the third Sisi Star will go?????
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Lundi 11 août 1 11 /08 /Août 16:09
Chi in Japan stitched a spot of the Austrian Spot Sampler and finished it as an Biscornu.
Isn't that a lovely Biscornu?? She really did a wonderful job on stitching and finishing it.
I also love the color she has used.
There are more pictures on her blog Country Village

I love to visit this blog!
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Lundi 4 août 1 04 /08 /Août 14:53

One thing my parents taught me was -  to live in the present, but to preserve the best of the past.

I always have loved antique needleworks, so I started to collect them in my youth and I really love and treasure them a lot. Here are some pictures of my collection and some history about it.

Back in 1882 here in my hometown there was a needlework school where young girls between 10 and 15 were thaught in all kinds of needlwork. After the girls had learned to make perfect needlworks, they had been able to earn some money with producing table clothes, curtains, pillows...... 
The embroideries were purchased from nobles and spa guests.

This kind of school was named "home industry". I'm happy to have some of the pieces and some samplers the girls made in this school in my collection.
They really are a great inspiration for me and I love viewing them and touching them. And I absolutely want to preserve the borders and motives for the future. That's really a wonderful inspiration.
And sometimes I have the feeling to feel the spirit of the past.

Here are some pictures:

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Vendredi 25 juillet 5 25 /07 /Juil 19:02

I have to admit that I absolutely love viewing progress pictures of my designs.
May I show you here a beautiful finish and some progress pictures of the Austrian Spot Sampler?

Just I received a picture of Bhooma's gorgeous finished Austrian Spot Sampler.
Wasn't that fast?? The chart has been published only a few weeks ago, so Bhooma has finished it in this short time!
Congratulation on your finish Bhooma!

It's stitched with Vikki Clayton Hand Dyed silks on 36count Sassy's Hay Fields linen.

That's really a great color combination and looks gorgeous!

Here's a progress picture Asta in
Lithuania sent to me.
She's stitching on 32 count creme Belfast linen with Madeira floss and it looks gorgeous too. I really love watching her progress on her blog

And here's something really special!
Can you believe, Fudgey in Australia is stitching the sampler on 50 count linen!!!!!!

Never in my life I would be able to stitch on 50 count linen. I really can't image how she's able to see the different threads, I'm really absolutely admiring her work.

I'm sure the sampler will look absolutely exquisite stitched on this high count!!

I also love the colors she's using, she's stitching with Vikki Clayton hand dyed silks in rosé and is stitching the small motives with random solid colors of the same color range.
That's a wonderful idea!!

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Jeudi 24 juillet 4 24 /07 /Juil 09:10
I was spoiled again from Asta and Georgie with lovely awards!
Thank you so much ladies for visiting my blog and for the awards!!!

I just have got another lovely award from Dovile ! Thank you so much!
I pass it further with the following rules:

1.Put the logo on your blog
2.Add a link to the person who awarded you
3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4.Add links to those blogs on yours
5.Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

I really have to let you know, that stitching with all the lovely blogs, would be only half the fun!!!
So here I listed only a few I absolutely love to visit! Thank you all for your inspiring work!

April Blue
Country Village
Vero L

Par Romy in Austria
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Mardi 22 juillet 2 22 /07 /Juil 21:07

Marlene's Sampler is now finished and framed. I just took the picture and have to show it immediately. Soon I'll put the chart on my website and I think soon it will be also available in US.

Now I'm looking forward to continue working on another tradition monochrome sampler. Hopefully I'll be able to show you more soon!!

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