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Vendredi 18 juillet 5 18 /07 /Juil 18:33

Some days ago I got this lovely award from Stefanie ! Thank you for this surprise!!

Now I pass it on with the following rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate five blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominates.

The absolutely hardest part is to nominate only five blogs. There are at least 20 I love and I'm visiting almost every day!


But now I pass the award to:

Tempus Fugit

Par Romy in Austria
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Dimanche 13 juillet 7 13 /07 /Juil 16:13

Just I  finished the stitching on a new design. This is "Marlene's Sampler" which is dedicated to my DD Marlene who became thirteen this year. This is a little sampler about 130x130 stitches and it is stitched primary with
Old Willow Stitchery threads some DMC threads and one color of Gentle Art Sampler threads

As I told you, I have designed and I have stitched this sampler as a special rememberance on the time when she has become a real teenager. I think that's always a special time for a mother, and I'm sure soon she will become an adult and I think soon she will no longer look like my little sunshine on the picture.
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Vendredi 4 juillet 5 04 /07 /Juil 15:27
Here's a little update what has been going on the last weeks!

I really have been busy with publishing my first design the Austrian Spot Sampler.
And I'm happy that I have been picked up by European Cross Stitch and they now will act as a distributor for the chart.
I'm just stitching on a new model, a smaler sampler quite differant as the Austrian Spot Sampler. It' s donated to my little daughter, who became thirteen this year. And now I slowly have to accept that her mother isn't the most important person in life anymore. I wanted to create a small samperl as a rememberance on this special time.
Hopefully I can show a picture of the model soon.

And because some of you asked, the two women on the cover of the chart are me and my DD on one of our lakes. Maybe you want to know how the area where we life looks like, so here's the color picture.

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Jeudi 5 juin 4 05 /06 /Juin 22:20
The chart is available from me and there are more informations on my web site:

Romy in Austria, Tradition with a Future

There is included an alphabet for personalizing also. If you are interested please feel free to contact me about shipping costs and payment.
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Mercredi 4 juin 3 04 /06 /Juin 17:48

My Austrian Spot Sampler is finished - framed - and will become published!

I'm really happy with the result. The idea for designing a sampler in the spírit and influenzed by the historical Austrian embroidery was in my mind for years. And now it has become reality. I'm really happy with the result.

The sampler is stitched on 36 count anitque linen with Gloriana  Rosewood silks and the stitchcount is 231 x 275 The priece for the chart will be € 18,--.

It's primary stitched with cross stitch two over two and some double running stitches.

Now it hangs on my wall and that's really a wonderful feeling :-)!!!

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Mardi 27 mai 2 27 /05 /Mai 08:59

Here's my progress so far on the Three Pink Houses I'm doing in the EEF SAL with the EEF girls.
I really like how the pink looks on the dirty linen.

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Jeudi 22 mai 4 22 /05 /Mai 10:33
I always was admiring the handsewn bags I saw on the web. Especially the French stichers make such lovely things with stitching and sewing bags. I always wanted to do one by myself.
Maybe as you know my sewing machine isn't my best friend, but I gave it a try again.
Yesterday I found some time for a try out. I took the little sheperdess sampler I just finished and tried to make a little bag.
And believe it or not this time it really worked well. Looks like I slowly will become able to sew a straight line. I did all the sewing on this little try out the same way as I want to finish a bigger bag in the future with lining and such things. 
So here you can see my first bag made by myself!
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Vendredi 16 mai 5 16 /05 /Mai 20:42

Today a little update on my stitching!

I did a little progress on Three Pink Houses by Ewe&Eye&Friends, I'm doing in the EEF SAL. I really like how it comes along and I really like this SAL with so much great stitchers. So I'm just thinking of which EEF design to start next.

Next week I'll get back my Austrian Sampler  from the framer.I'm looking forward to this. After my family saw the sampler finished, they started to motivate me to publish it. They continuously ask me if I finally have charted it. It's almost charted, but only for my personal use. But now I finally painted an alphabete for personalizing it, and now I have to write the instructions. Not really my favourite work. And at the moment I'm a little lazy in doing this. I love to stitch and I love to design, but only when I'm really in the mood to do this.

At the moment I'm more in the mood to start new things. Maybe some of you know this. My little DD asked me to create a sampler especially for her, and as there are lot of ideas in my head I started to do this. I want to design a little coloured sampler. I'm thinking of maybe stitching with Old Willow threads. I like their muted colours and it looks like I have some of them in my stash, hopefully there are the right colours. Maybe I'll combine them with DMC. Have to try this.

And I started a new WIP. I started Bo-Peep by La -D -Da. I always likeed this design, and I had it in my stash for a long time. I'm working on 40 count linen and here's a picture of my start.

And I finished the Mary Beale Sheperdess. It's stitched on 36 count flax linen with DMC threads. For the year I added the year when I was born, and I was totally horrified when I realized that I'll become  50 next year. Really unbelievably!!!!
I just was 40 a few time ago and was feeling like 30. Now I'll become 50 and I'm still feeling like 30. Time really flys. Now I have to decide how to finish it.

But it looks like I'm not really in the mood for finishing.
As I told you, I'm more in the mood of a new start. Maybe a Blackbird Design???? I have some in my stash but never stitched one of them. Maybe I'll show you another newstart soon.

Wish you all a great weekend!!

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Lundi 12 mai 1 12 /05 /Mai 22:39
Here's my little progress on Three Pink Houses.
I really love how it comes along.
These EEF designs have something special. I can't tell what...???-- but they are funny to stitch and look exquiste when  they are finished.
I'm sure I'll stitch some more of them!!!!
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Vendredi 2 mai 5 02 /05 /Mai 11:52
Yesterday I was in the mood to do some finishing. So I decided to finish House on the Holly Hock Hill into a pillow. I started sewing and don't laugh but for me sewing with the sewing machine is something like to climb the Mount Everest.
I put the top together and really everything worked quilt well. After this I added some buttons, ribbon and lace and I was really happy that I was able to sew a straight line. Now I only had to sew the back on the front, but this really became a disaster
First the needle broke, then I tried about 15 minutes to put the thread into the machine and 10 minutes more to put the thread into the needle. And it's really unbelievable after this I sewed the right side of the back to the wrong sight of the front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really was close to throw away my sewing inclusive the sewing machine. But I didn't give up and so finally at 11:30 pm the pillow was finished. (Will not tell you when I started it)
I went to bed and I thought never in my life I'll toutch a sewing machine again.
But when I wake up in the morning and looked at my little pillow which really fits perfectly in my kitchen.........???
Maybe I have to give a second chance to my sewing machine. Let' see!!

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