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Janvier 2015
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Lundi 28 avril 1 28 /04 /Avr 11:01
After I finished the Pink Hare Sampler by Ewe&Eye&Friends I decided to start another EEF design for the SAL with the "EEF girls".

I chose "Three Pink Houses" and did only a little progress on it.
First I thought this will be another quick design to stitch. But now I realized that the alphabet is worked one over one and there are a lot of eyelet stitches also. Not really my cup of tea on dirty linen.
So I think this SAL is really necessary to keep stitching on it.

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Lundi 21 avril 1 21 /04 /Avr 18:15

Sorry, but I'm a little excited!!
Maybe some of you are remembering that I wanted to create a sampler influenced by the traditional stitching here in my region. I was "pregnant" with this sampler for years. I have been drawing and stitching and redrawing and restitching till I was really satisfied with my work. It really took a long time and my friends always called me fussy.
But now my "little baby" is finished and I'm really happy about this. Just I put the last stitches in it and now it will go to the framer and I'll present it in the "Emperor Garden" here in my hometown in May.
Will show you a picture of the sampler when I'll get it back from the framer, but I have to show you a little preview. It's stitched on 36 count antique white linen with Gloriana silks.
I would love to hear what you think about it!!

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Jeudi 17 avril 4 17 /04 /Avr 19:07
After I saw Su's lovely Mary Beale sampler finished on her blog, I had to pull out my Mary Beale charts imediately and I had to start a little of her designs. I chose this little sampler and I'm stitching it on 36 count Flax Edinburg linen.
I really like this little shepherdress on the top and I think I have an idea how I'll finish it. Let's see if this will work.
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Lundi 14 avril 1 14 /04 /Avr 08:55
Here's my progress in the SAL I did with the EEF girls you can see here
I almost finished the Pink Hare Sampler. And I think it will be finished soon. I only have to add the ribbon roses and I really like how it came along.
I absolutely like to stitch this EEF designs, so I don't want to leave this SAL. Have to think about what I want to start next and maybe I can show another progress picture of another EEF design in 14 days!

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Jeudi 10 avril 4 10 /04 /Avr 10:35

I just finished another EEF design, it's House on the Holly Hock Hill.
I started it last year, but when I came to the one over one stitching I stoped stitching on it.
Now I pulled it out and thought - Now or Never - and finished the stitching on it. It's stitched on 36 count linen with DMC threads.
Now I have to decid how to finish it. Maybe when I'll win the usual fight with my sewing machine (I'm really bad in sewing), it would become a nice pillow??!! Let's see how it will work.

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Dimanche 6 avril 7 06 /04 /Avr 09:37

Finally I had a little finish this year. I stitched this little Assisi Birds and finished it as a scissors fob. It's stitched on 32 count linen with DMC linen threads and black silk.

And here you can see my colletion of scissors fobs I got in exchanges and four of them are stitched by myself.
I really treasure them all.

Par Romy in Austria
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Lundi 31 mars 1 31 /03 /Mars 09:26
I'm happy that I decided to join the Ewe&Eye&Friends SAL which Aprilblue is moderating. There are 13 "EEF girls" stitching 13 different EEF designs in a SAL.
I choose the Pink Hare Sampler and it's really funny and relaxing to stitch. I'm in this SAL with
Angi , Aprilblue , Stephanie , Silvie , Cachou , Clob , VJ , Gig, Béné, Lulusix and Vero B .
And here's my first progress picture of this SAL.

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Samedi 29 mars 6 29 /03 /Mars 14:13
Some days ago I got thís Spread The Love Award from Barbara
I really was honored and delighted. It's always nice to hear that other wonderful stitchers are reading my blog, and maybe will get some inspirations.

But now it's my turn, to pass this award to another blogger.
That's really a very hard decision. There are so many beautiful blogs, I read regularly. And I learn so much from other stitching blogs and I get so much inspirations. I think I could list about 20 which I would love to pass this award further.

But as I have to decide vor one, I thought I will give it to Vero M 
I know she and her blog are well known in the "stitching world", but her blog was the first stitching blog I discovered, and she was the person who inspirated me to start a blog also! And she's such a kind and helpful stitching friend.
So I'll pass this award to Vero M and her

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Samedi 15 mars 6 15 /03 /Mars 22:24

Dear Stitching Friends,

You didn´t hear of me for so long time!! I'm so sorry about this!!

I didn't do any stitching and I wasn't on the computer for a long time, so my blog hasn't been updatet.

I got a lot of nice emails, and I thought I'll answer them when I'll get more time, but my computer has broken down, and so I lost all my emails and all the email addresses of my friends, so please forgive me for not answering! But now my computer works again and my addresses are the same, so if you want to send me a message I would love to hear from you!!

But now I little update on the last months.

My Austrian Sampler hasn't grown very much, but today I pulled it out, and I really want to finish it soon. I'm just in the mood of stitching, and I really would love to start another of my beloved EEF designs. 
But I really want to finish first my Austrian Sampler. I got some offers for publish it, it's charted, but  first I want finish the stitching by myself. Maybe that's stupid, but I'm "pregnant" with this sampler for years. So I want to be sure, that I will be satisfied how it will look like when it will be really, really finished. A little crazy, isn't it.

I saw on the counter that so much are still visiting my blog!!  Thank your for this!!

As a little present I want to give you a very little spot from my Austrian sampler as a freebie. Maybe some of you are remembering the Easter Eggs, I did some time ago???


That's one of the reasons that I love these spots, they are so useful for little gifts, and there are so much ways to use them, on pinkeeps, or pincushions, or ........ or maybe Easter Eggs :-))!!

So happy Easter Dear Ladies!!! I would love to hear from you!!

You can see this spot, stitched on the first picture, it's on the egg on the right side! Hope you will like it!!


Par Romy in Austria
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Mercredi 18 juillet 3 18 /07 /Juil 19:51

Maybe some of you remember that I started drawing and stitching an Austrian Spot Sampler.

I think it's about five years ago that I started with this project. I wanted to create a sampler by myself which is influenced by the traditional stitching style in our region but I wanted to create all the spots by myself so that it will become my special sampler.

At the beginning I really thought that will become much more easier to be satisfied with the result. So I drew and stitched and drew again ..........and again. Some of my friends say I'm too much a perfectionist, that's my fault but I can't work without being 100% satisfied. So sometimes I put this project away and thought I never will continue working on it.

But finally I finished the drawing and charted it and now I want to finish it without interruption. There is meeting of a craft assocation in autumn and for this I want to finish it, to frame it and maybe to show it when I'll like.

I'm telling you that, because maybe I'll not post very much the next time and I really hope I'll reach this goal. So please wish me luck and maybe I'll get some comments from time to time, because without contact to my stitching friends, the stitching is only half the fun :-)!!

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