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  • a WTS (31/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I´m so happy that there was forming a SAL group for the Threads Through Time sewing roll. That´s a gorgeous exclusive project from the Swan ...
  • Quaker Mystery Sampler (27/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I´m just on page 5 of the Quaker Mystery Sampler, and here´s my progress so far. At the moment I´m not absolutely sure that it was the right decision to stitch a coloured Quaker Sampler ??? Maybe ...
  • tins, tins, tins! (25/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just discovered that my pharmacy is carrying a wide collection of tins. So I had to buy some :-)!! I especially like the little ones, which are about 4,5 x 5,5 cm. I think they would be great ...
  • The Regal Bee (23/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Yesterday I started stitching the band for my new Shaker Box I showed you some time ago. It´s part of a special project Theresa designed and ...
  • A StitcherŽs Accessory Book (21/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just discovered this Stitcher´s Accessory Book on the JAT website! It´s another Designing Ladies project! That´s really a lovely ...
  • progress on Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose (20/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I did a little progress on Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose and added some more spots. That´s really a funny project and I love to learn more specialty stitches.
  • MY BEEKEEPER finished :-)!!! (17/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Finally I finished MY Beekeeper by Jackie du Plessies and I have to tell you, I didn´t know how lovely it will look like when it´s finished. So now I´m so happy that I pulled it out and finished ...
  • My Beekeeper finishing progress (15/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Yesterday I started the finishing of the My Beekeeper. I really have to tell you, Jackies finishing instructions are gorgeous. I´m not very good in working with my sewing machine, but I got a lot ...
  • My Beekeeper class (14/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I finally finished the stitching for The Beekeeper class by Jackie du Plessies. Now I´ll follow Jackies excellent finishing instructions step by step. Hope I can post a finished picture soon :-)!! ...
  • Hornbook (12/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After I read Veros article about Hornbooks I pulled out this little item we have since always in our home. I always saw that there is something to ...
  • snow and sunshine! (09/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I usually don´t like winter very much. I absolutely love more the warmer seasons. But this year we have so much snow and so much sunshine, so it´s really great to go sking and to walk around. As ...
  • progress on the Quaker Sampler (08/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today I finished page two of the Quaker sampler. This designs are really funny and relaxing to stitch. And it´s funny to think about which colour to use next!
  • a new start!! (06/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I was looking for a small sampler to start for my sampler wall. But I couldn´t resist to start the new (big) Mystery Quaker sampler offered by Martina. Looks like I´m fond in Mysteries :-). I just ...
  • Mystery IX (03/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    The first two days of the year I stitched on Mystery IX by Chatelaine. I like these colours and I`m curiously how a vegetable garden will look like :-)! Here´s my progress so far, and I´m ...
  • Happy New Year!!! (01/01/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Happy New Year!!! Ein glückliches Neues Jahr!!! A new year, a new game, a new WIP??? :-) !!! After a wonderful night of celebrations the New Year, I think it´s time to set some stitching goals for ...
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