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Avril 2008
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  • EEF SAL (28/04/2008 publié dans : Ewe&Eye&Friends )
    After I finished the Pink Hare Sampler by Ewe&Eye&Friends I decided to start another EEF design for the SAL with the "EEF girls". I chose "Three Pink Houses" and did only a little progress on it. ...
  • My Austrian Spot Sampler is finished!! (21/04/2008 publié dans : My designs )
    Sorry, but I'm a little excited!! Maybe some of you are remembering that I wanted to create a sampler influenced by the traditional stitching here in my region. I was "pregnant" with this sampler ...
  • The shepherdess (17/04/2008 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After I saw Su's lovely Mary Beale sampler finished on her blog, I had to pull out my Mary Beale charts imediately and I had to start a little of her designs. I chose this little sampler and I'm ...
  • EEF SAL (14/04/2008 publié dans : Ewe&Eye&Friends )
    Here's my progress in the SAL I did with the EEF girls you can see here I almost finished the Pink Hare Sampler. And I think it will be finished soon. I only have to add the ribbon roses and I ...
  • Another EEF Finish (10/04/2008 publié dans : Ewe&Eye&Friends )
    I just finished another EEF design, it's House on the Holly Hock Hill. I started it last year, but when I came to the one over one stitching I stoped stitching on it. Now I pulled it out and ...
  • Assisi Scissors Fob (06/04/2008 )
    Finally I had a little finish this year. I stitched this little Assisi Birds and finished it as a scissors fob. It's stitched on 32 count linen with DMC linen threads and black silk. And here you ...
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