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  • Ornament SAL (19/05/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    In March I started a little Ornament SAL with Paula and Su It´s really funny to choose one seasonal ornament a month and (hopefully) to stitch and to finish it. For May I started an Assisi ...
  • Milk Paint Sampler (13/05/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just got the message that my stitching for the Sampler Lady Exchange at the Leacy BB arrived at Cathy. I stitch the Milk Paint Sampler by Merry Gerry´s Sewing Cabin and finished it as little ...
  • L@@k what I got!!!! (11/05/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Okay, I think slowly I become totally spoiled with my packages :-)!!! Today I received my exchange for the Sampler Lady Exchange at the Legacy BB. Chris stitched for me the most wonderful scissors ...
  • another great mail day :-)!! (10/05/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today I found these beautiful Thread Rings in my mail. Aren´t they gorgeous??? I always was looking for special thread rings, but it looks like they are not available anywhere. These rings are ...
  • wonderful mail day!! (09/05/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today I got this lovely scissors keeper and this lovely scissors as a surprise present from Sandra. Isn´t the strawberry scissors keeper beautiful?? I love to get another stitching small for my ...
  • Catherine Agnes finished!! (07/05/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today I put the last stitches into Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose and now it´s finished. It was the first time I did cutwork, and I really like how it looks like. It´s always a pleasure to stitch ...
  • Update on my stitching (05/05/2006 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I really was quiet the last days, and first I have to thank you for many private mails I got with the question if everything is okay with me. It´s only "real life" and less of stitching time that ...
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