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Juin 2005
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  • a tiny HD (30/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I finished the Rosebud Scissores Keeper, a C.A.Wellls design. The stitching was funny, the finishing of this tiny design was a little difficult but the most difficult part was to take a picture ...
  • a new "want to start"! (30/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Just I got this cute little Jessie & Me design. It has everything I like on a design, cross stitch, cross stitch one over one, speciallity stitches overdyed threads....... Think this will become a ...
  • Rosebud Scissores Keeper progress (29/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I finished my stitching on the C.A.Wells Rosebud Scissores Keeper. Now I have to do the finishing. ItŽs a cute little three dimensional design. There is a white work, a cross stitch and an ...
  • Catherines Armchair Pinkeep HD (27/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Yesterday evening I finished my Indigo Rose onlineclass, it tooks a some more time as I expected, but now itŽs finished and IŽm very happy with it.
  • Sunday! (26/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just came home from a wonderful round at the Golf Course, and our daughter had fun too :-)! Now IŽll sit in the garden and try to finish the Indigo Rose Armchair Pinkeep.
  • Catherine Armchair Pinkeep progress (25/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After a lot of working in the garden this afternoon, I found some time this evening to finish my stitching on the Catherine Armchair Pinkeep. Now will come the harder part....... the finishing. ...
  • Lancaster Manor Pocket (24/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Thank you Laurie for motivating me to think about kiting up the Lancaster Manor Pocket. I bought the chart from a stitchingfriend who took the class and she included the left over silks. So itŽs ...
  • my needlecases (23/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I really love needlecases. Today I took a picture of my small collection. The two in the middle are new only with an antique look, but the wooden right and the brass on the left side are from my ...
  • new actual WIP (22/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After I finished the Coeur Romantique I have to chose a new actual WIP. I just counted my WIPs...currently....18 WIPs. But I always select only 2 or 3 of them to make some progress. Mostly one ...
  • Coeur Romantic (21/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I finished the free Coeur Romantique by Reflets de Soie, which I stitched for a common quilt project. It was a fun quick stitching.
  • more new stash (20/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    At the moment I really have no self control in buying new stash. Today I got another package with some Forget Me Nots In Stitches designs. Slowly I really need seven lives to stitch all the ...
  • no stitching today! (19/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today I spent a wonderful day at the sea without stitching. But with a lot of sun and fun and swimming. Really a wonderful relaxing day!
  • new stash! (18/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Just I received some new charts which I bought on ebay. The Celtic Band Sampler by Homespun Samplar, since long time I wanted to start this sampler. The Strawberry Sampler Scissores Case, because ...
  • Indigo Rose class progress (17/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Yesterday I finished the first pocket of the IR Armchair Pinkeep class. After finished the stitching I saw that I did an error in counting in the one over one part :-((. One side of the letters is ...
  • surprise in the mail (16/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today in my mail I found a secret stitcher package?? I wondered what IŽll get, and inside I found the Blue Ribbon Sampler book. IŽm totally overwhelmed, what a wonderful and generous present. I r ...
  • relaxing stitching hours (15/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After I discovered that I have to do some froging in the !!one over one part!! of the IR Armchair Pinkeep, I really were in the mood for some relaxing stitching hours. So I did a little progress ...
  • new favorite designer (for me) (14/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just discovered the designs of Wendy White of Wee Works. And as I love special needlework accessoires, I fell in love with her designs. I couldnŽt resist and bought all I could get. Now only ...
  • Marquoir Story finally finished! (13/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Finally I finished my Marquoir Story. I started it when the first part was realized, think back in 2002. I put in it only some stitching hours every month, but now itŽs finished. Now I have to ...
  • Arm Chair Pin Keep Progress (11/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today I finished the top of the Indigo Rose Arm Chair Pin Keep. ItŽs really funny and fast to stitch. Now will come the one over one part. Maybe this will take a little longer. I like this Spider ...
  • Indigo Rose Class (09/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Yesterday I started the Indigo Rose Armchair Pinkeep onlineclass with Catherine Strickler of Indigo Rose. Indigo Rose is one of my favorite designers and I absolutly love class pieces, so I really ...
  • Welcome to my blog! (09/06/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Welcome to my blog! ItŽs especially created to write about my love for needlework, especially cross stitch. Here I want to write about my WIPs and hopefully I can write about a lot of finishes as ...
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