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Juillet 2005
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  • Watergarden July progress (31/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I did a very, very little progress on Watergarden in July. But I think it´s almost better to put only a few stitches in every month, than it will become an UFO forever.
  • Bourse de Brodeuse (30/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After a discussion at the Swan Sampler group about Silvies (Au Fil des Reves) designs, I totally become tempted to start one of her designs. Immediately I pulled out her Bourse de Brodeuse kit, ...
  • Mini Sampler (28/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I finished the Periwinkle Promises Sunshine Sampler Accent. This little sampler is worked with silk and only specially stitches. It really was funny to stitch. And now I´m in the mood for a new ...
  • Shopping!!!! (26/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just came home from shopping and I want to share with you my purchases! We live in a very little town and when I go shopping I never get the thinks I´m looking for, but I always find a lot of ...
  • Birds & Berries started! (24/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I started my Merry Cox Birds & Berries and put the first stitches in. But as the most of this piece is stitched tent stitch on 32 count, I always can do only a little progress at a time before my ...
  • Austrian embroidery stamp!!! (23/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just got a message with a link about a stamp with embroidery which is realized in our country. Monday I have to go to the postoffice and have ...
  • Inspirations!!! (20/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I`m absolutely fond in needlework accessoires like sewingcases, pincushions, needlebooks............ So I often visit this HP and I always get a lot of inspirations! ...
  • Birthday celebrations! (19/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    This weekend our oldest DD will become 18 years old! It´s really a strange feeling to become an adult daughter. Here is a picture of her 18 years ago!! And here an actual one: Today I pulled out ...
  • Patchwork infections! (14/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    The French ladies infected me with their patchwork projects. So today I received my first order from a patchwork shop. I bought some fabric. And I bought some Japanese patchwork books. ...
  • Merry Cox (13/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After I read Veros blog and her article about Merry Cox , I pulled out my Merry Cox charts. Can´t understand why I never started one of her designs ...
  • before it will become an UFO (10/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Yesterday I pulled out my WIPs. And I found a lot of big WIPs, so I decided to make some progress on one of them before they will become UFOs. I have a lot of Chatelaine designs started (since ...
  • My Bee Keeper class (09/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Just I pulled out my kit for Jackie du Plessies Bee Keeper onlineclass which will take place in September. This is another Elegant Stitch class. ...
  • patchwork??!! (07/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    After I saw all the gorgeous patchwork projects of the French ladies, I couldnŽt resist longer and just I placed my first order in a Patchwork onlinestore. I ordered a lot of Japanese magazines ...
  • Threads Through Time, Thread Keeper (05/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Today I got the Threads Through Time Thread Keeper Kit, another beautiful Swan Sampler Guild project. I had to order this, after I saw LynnŽs beautiful piece. She did a wonderful job on this. ...
  • new stitching idea (04/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    I just found this side with a new stitching idea. IsnŽt this an interesting idea for a new project??!! IŽm seriously thinking o ...
  • new actual WIP, Periwinkle Sampler Accent (03/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    In July I had two finishes and only one new start. So maybe IŽm really on the way to reduce my WIPs. Now I have 17 official WIPs and I have to add one actual WIP. I chose a Periwinkle Promisis ...
  • my cross stitch quilt project (01/07/2005 publié dans : romyaustria )
    Back in 2003 I had an idea for a "cross stitch friendship quilt". This time I started collecting little cross stitch squares. All are stitched on 32 count linen and have a max. stitchcount of ...
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