Why do you love to stitch??

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As I spend a lot of time with stitching, it´s time to think seriously WHY do I love to stitch, and WHY did I become addicted to cross stitch???


First it´s absolutely hard for me to put my thoughts into English words, but I´ll try.


It´s really not for only passing  the time. I´m always absolutely busy in keeping care of my business, my wonderful family, our house, our garden and I always try to use some time for sports to not become too much out of the shape :-).

So sometimes it´s really hard for me to find some stitching time, but as always, everything you want to do, you will find time to do.


But what´s the pleasure to put one x after the other into a piece of linen???


For me it´s not only the reason to be creative. I have a profession where I have to be creative the whole day.


I think I love to stitch especially for my love of tradition and for my love to get to know more about the past.


I absolutely have a modern life, but I love tradition embroidery. In the background of this embroidery there is the whole life of women of the past ages. Since ages and ages there sat women - no matter if there were wars or disasters - and they found diversions and rest in their stitching.


And the embroidery they created are the echo of ideas about which only a later time become clarity. And I´m feeling a little tied together with this women.

Now I really would love to get to know, what´s your reason to love to stitch????!!!!!!

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karin 18/10/2005 23:30

Hi Romy,
Great question! My grandmother(my Italian side)was a seamstress,and my grandfather was a tailor. From her it seems I always liked the feel of the needle in fabric & started sewing for myself, & gifts. Then I progressed to quilting when my hubby drove a cab in Manhattan for 7 months in between jobs & I was bored. Quilting did it. And then I went to cross stitch. I have things tht are packed away...fabric,threads,etc.
And to top it off I worked for a while in a fabric store & always left with a 1/4 piece of something! LOL
So since the age of 14 or 16 I have been hooked on this relaxing craft that has so many wonderful people to meet or by email, or on-line!!!
Karin :) in NY

Cécile 17/10/2005 13:02

For me it's because it relax me. And I am glad to be able to offer things I carried out. I think that the personal gifts are the most beautiful gifts of the world.

chanzu 16/10/2005 18:38

it is the first time I come on your blog .I like a lot your work and I find that you sticht alot every day .
I find your girl very very nice !!!!
with your blog I improve my english.....

Angela 16/10/2005 18:16

The beginning for me was simple: I am a cross stitcher when I became a teacher. The more spare time, I had, allowed myself to do a thing that I've been loving for years. After that cross stitch is my relaxing cure, a little way to forgot daily troubles. I love colors and seeing how a design grows on linen in its different shades it's a pleasure.

Laurie 16/10/2005 14:55

I've stitched for close to 30 years and my reasons for stitching have changed over the years. In the begining I stitched for gift giving as I had little money to spend on gifts. As I became a better stitcher I used stitching to express my creativity and as an expression of what I valued in life. I had a demanding job and worked long hours and used stitching as a form of relaxation and to take the edge off the stress of my work. In the past few years, due to illness, stitching was one of the few things that I could still do and I truly believe that my stitching has kept me sane.

I would also like to leave a bit of beauty behind as a rememberance. There is much uglyness in the world. I hope my stitching will bring some joy to the receiver's life.