Traditional Austrian cross stitch

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Today I want to show you a piece of traditional Austrian cross stitch.

In 1887 in my little hometown there was opened a school for homeindustrie, where young women were thought in needlework. Especially for embroider table clothes, curtains,............This school existed till about 1950 in our region.

The goal of the school was to learn a kind of cross stitch, which we call in dialect Ebenseer-cross stitch. The stitches on the back all have to go in vertical directions. Here are pictures of the front and the back of a tablecloth.




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AnneS 27/10/2005 03:10

Wow, the back looks almost as wonderful as the front - what a stunning form of embroidery! Just beautiful :)

Barbara 25/10/2005 11:07

"Reversible" forms of stitching always amaze me. I do try to keep my backs tidy, and the longer I stitch the more this matters to me, but I doubt I'll ever be profecient enough to tackle a project like this. Thanks for sharing it!

Zohrah 25/10/2005 08:31

It looks exquisite. Such amazing work and very neat back. WOW!!

Tricia 25/10/2005 02:34

I love reading about this kind of needlework!! Thanks for sharing-I would love my needlework backsides to look as wonderful.

Jenna 24/10/2005 20:58

Wow Romy! It makes the back look so nice; makes for a great pattern. Thanks for sharing!