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When I posted my last article about the Austrian cross stitch, I remembered a project I started some years ago.

My goal was to create an Austrian Spot Sampler, totally designed by myself, but in the spirit of the old Austrian stitchings in my region. So I started to draw Austrian influenzed Spots and put them together to a redwork sampler.

Think two years ago I started stitching the sampler. But each time I stitched on it, I found something I have to change. And I found errors, and had to change something. I thought I never would be satisfied with it, so I put it away. Since this time I really have a great, great respect to all the designers work. I think I never would be contently with my work.

But now I pulled it out, and I saw it´s half time finished, and I really want to stitch my very special own sampler. So a goal for the next year is to finish this sampler. So wish my luck, that this will work :-)!!

In the meantime I did a lot of try-outs with the spots, and they are really useful for little presents :-)!


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Tiger Lily 03/11/2005 19:17


Very cuteeeeeee

Barbara 30/10/2005 18:27

Whooheee, those are stunning!! Wow!!

nataliejo 27/10/2005 11:17

Love this monochromatic stitching ! Beautiful !

Von 27/10/2005 02:49

Romy, they're all just gorgeous!!

Jackie 26/10/2005 18:18

Lovely Romy! The buttons shown in your picture - are stunning - you are luck to have then to treasure. Take care and keep up your good work.