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Today I got my order from http://www.oldstitch.com/

I got some older Just Cross Stitch magazines, with the Merry Cox Seek Joy needlebook in, and the Just Cross Stitch magazines with the Merry Cox Share Thy Bounty designs in. Each for $ 2,97.  And I received some Ewe & Eye & Friends charts and some other OOP magazines I was looking for. So I think that´s a great place when you are looking for some OOP magazines.

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Barbara 30/10/2005 18:26

Thank you for providing this very useful link, Romy!!

Viviane 28/10/2005 11:16

Dear Romy
Thanks for sharing the address.
Would you please, tell me in which issues of just cross stitch magazine, you found the Merry Cox patterns ? I would like to order them.
Also, I need your help,DH is traveling to Wienna, for a congress.
Can you suggest any shop or craft store in center like Mariahilfer str.
I would like magazines (european and american), nice antique looking scisors...etc
Thanks in advance
Viviane, here´s a great link where you can look which desgins are in which magazine http://www.xsmagdb.com/index.php
For shopping in Vienna I really have no address. When I´m looking for scissors, I always look for them in onlineshops. I only know one needlework store , mostly with Biedermeier patterns. Maybe you know the books from Rafaella Serena? Some of the patterns come from the collection of this shop.  http://www.nowotny.at/englisch/index.html

Vero M 28/10/2005 00:03

Yep yep yep Romy..I bought 4 JCS with MC Abide thy heart design for 10 USD while they have been sold 165 USD on ebay some weeks ago !!! incredible !!