Surprise in the mail!!!

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Today I got a package from Catherine abc. I really was curiously to open it, because I didn´t expect to receive anything from France!!!!???

And look what she sent to me!!! A wonderful square for my friendship quilt, and some other extra goodies!!! Isn´t that a lovely surprise!!! Catherine really made my day :-), thank you so much Catherine!!

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Barbara 02/11/2005 15:50

I Googled the designer last night but couldn't find anyplace to buy her designs. Do you happen to know of any? Thanks!

pendolare 02/11/2005 11:49

i think your friendship quilt will be very beautiful!
a smile

RachÚle 02/11/2005 10:04

Süss, ich liebe die Farbe!

Danielle 01/11/2005 21:52

What a nice surprise! Catherine is a wonderful person!!

Angela 01/11/2005 07:59

the designer is "R de rien" and she is from France.