my stitching for the Redwork Exchange

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Finally my Redwork Exchange arrived in US.

I stitched an Austrian pattern and finished it as a little burse. I´m really happy that it arrived and I hope the recipient will like it.

Now I just remembered that I´ll recieve something in return too :-). As usually I always forget about this!!!



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Béa 09/11/2005 19:05

bravo Romy !! It's lovely :-)

Catherine 09/11/2005 13:44

It's gorgeous, Romy, the stitching and the finishing! Congrats!!

pendolare 08/11/2005 11:29

lovely! i want to stich like this: i love simmetric patterns and the burse is...lovely!
this is my new blog for my little jobs:
if you want, i'd like your comment for my jobs.
now i have to make a lot of photos :-)
a smile.

Cécile 08/11/2005 09:25

What a great job Romy, congratulations.

Von 08/11/2005 06:38

Such beautiful stitching Romy! Your recipient will be sure to treasure it for years!!