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Yesterday evening I found some time to take a closer look to the French Catalogoue, and I really have to say it was worth the money. It´s really a pleasure viewing all the pictures of the old needlework tools, scissors, buttons, pinkeeps, ................

And I just discovered, that I have a pendant to an ivory needlecase in the book in my collection :-)!!

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Elisa 24/11/2007 10:36

Rhooooo  ! lovely box in ivory

Danielle 15/11/2005 22:31

I am sooo tempted to order something from this company! I love the scissors you bought--very nice!!

Romy 12/11/2005 17:44

Catherine, yes it is in perfect condition and it was in our family since always. So it really should be old, because nobody donŽt know where it came from.

Catherine abc 12/11/2005 00:56

Oh My !!! And there are acorns on your ivory case !!!!... I'm very partial with acorns but it is a true treasure and looks like in perfect condition. Did you find it at the flea markets or is it a family heirloom ?? I would be so happy to find such a thing... (no luck in my family, but perhaps some day at a sale...).