an Italian square for my quilt

Publié le par Romy in Austria

I just received a beautiful Italian square, from my dear stitching friend Angela!!

She stitched for me a part of the Workbasket Flower Sampler. It´s perfectly stitched one over one!!!!! and I absloutely love it!!! Thank you Angela!!!! 

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Lauren 18/11/2005 17:56

Wow that's beautiful! Your friend has good talent. :)

Cécile 18/11/2005 08:07

One over one, woaw !

Jenna 17/11/2005 03:06

A beautiful addition to your quilt, Romy!

Catherine abc 16/11/2005 22:10

Wow ! how nice...
Angela is a well known addicted over one stitcher !!

Vero M 16/11/2005 18:51

This is just LOVELY..Bravo !!