my quilt is growing!

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and today I put two more squares to my friendship quilt. Okay, it´s really a mini quilt - but I think four squares are a quilt and now it´s great enough to display it on a little children chair.

Here´s the front


and the back of the quilt


Maybe one day it will become great enough to display it on my bed :-)!!!

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AnneS 24/11/2005 00:32

Your latest blocks for the quilt are beautiful - it will be an amazing project when it's all finished! :)

ariane en provence 21/11/2005 14:23

wonderful ! I love it

pendolare 21/11/2005 14:21

i love it too! it's fantastic!
i'd like to stitch a square for you. can i do it? and, more important, how can i do it? if you want, mail me at

Ginette 21/11/2005 00:53

very nice, I love it..!