Maison des brodeuse

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I just got the message that my birthday present arrived at my dear Birthday Buddy Laurie in US :-), so I may show a picture what I stitched for her!

I stitched the Maison des brodeuse pinkeep and scissors case by Au fil des reves. It was really funny to work! Happy Birthday Laurie!!


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La Natole 14/12/2005 00:37

really lovely!

argone 05/12/2005 16:22

oh Dear c'est trop gorgeous, magnifico !! beautiful... too late, I died ;-)

Vero M 05/12/2005 15:21

Bravo Romy !! You're a fairy :-)) Your work is just lovely..Your friend is a lucky girl :-)))

Catherine abc 05/12/2005 12:00

That's all beautiful Romy ! This set is a beauty... :-)

AnneS 05/12/2005 06:56

What a wonderful gift - I'm sure your friend will treasure everything - just gorgeous! :))