Birthday present

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Today I got my Birthday present from Ann Maree in Australia. I was a naughty girl and couldn´t resist to open my package a few days before my birthday :-)!!

Ann Maree stitched for me a lovely needleroll and included some lovely extra goodies! Do you know that this is the first needleroll I hold in hand. I always admired this needlerolls on the web, but never saw one in reality and be sure it looks beautiful. Thank you Ann Maree for this present!

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AnneS 09/12/2005 02:08

Happy birthday Romy! All your birthday presents are wonderful ... what a great way to help you celebrate :) I especially adore the needleroll - just gorgeous!

Catherine 07/12/2005 18:54

Happy birthday Romy!! Enjoy your presents :)

Laurie 07/12/2005 15:22

The needleroll is lovely. Enjoy all your birthday presents and have a wonderful birthday.

Romy 07/12/2005 12:39

Thank you all for your Birthday wishes :-)!!
And Yumi, thank you for your kind comment about my blog!! IŽm a visitor of yours too :-)!!

Yumi 07/12/2005 08:53

Hello. I came from Vero's. Wow, wow, wow! I love all your works! Beautiful! I cannot comment how much I like which one becuase I LOVE everything about your blog. Happy Birthday!