Chatelaine Mystery IX

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I started some of the big Chatelaine Mandala Gardens (Watergarden, Taj Mahal and Egyptian Garden) and didn´t make progress on them the last months. So slowly they were on the way to become UFOs. But after I spent some days on vacation in an oriental region I got into the mood to decorate a part in my home in an oriental style. So I pulled out my Gardens and..........cracy like I am *lol* signed up for the new Chatelaine Mystery IX! Today the kit arrived (right in time to give it to me by myself as a birthday present :-)).

No idea if this oriental feeling will continue  till one of this gardens will be finished!! But that´s me, always without self control :-)!

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Danielle 13/12/2005 16:10

Hi Romy,
I am also signed up for Mystery IX. I hope to actually keep up with this one. I have signed up for several mysteries in the past, but I always fall behind!! And then they end up as UFOs.

Donna 13/12/2005 13:34

Romy, I know you wil finish it. It's your hobby, your free time. Do as you wish.

Enjoy. Please email me. I can't find your email address.


Barbara 10/12/2005 19:25

That is a gorgeou set of fibers and beads - good luck keeping your motivation up to complete one of the designs. They're gorgeous!!

Carol in Pa 09/12/2005 18:57

I know how you feel, Romy! I too have Egyptian Garden, Taj Mahal, and Watergarden (plus Misty Morning Vineyard), so it seems like we have the same taste, lol. Mine are also languishing for awhile. I worked on Egyptian exclusively for about three months when it first came out. I got tired of working on it so I put it away for awhile and started sewing on things that would give me quicker satisfaction, lol. I know that I'll pick it back up again soon, but I'll be sure to rotate it with other things. Martina's designs are wonderful, but they do take some time to complete!

Carol in Pa.

arel 09/12/2005 14:07

wow such wonderful threads !!!!