Christmas surprise in the mail!!

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Today I got a wonderful Chritmas package from my dear stitching friend Laurie.

She sent the most loveliest, tiniest, cutest, prettiest Christmas Stockings I ever saw!!! I love them!!


Can´t wait to decorate our Christmas Tree. Usually in Austria the tree will be decorated briefly before the Christmas evening. The tree is a surprise for all the little children. Our daughters (18 and 10 years) always want to be surprised too.

So I have to do the decoration in the afternoon of the 24th December. Nobody may go into the living room, At the evening a bell rings and the "Christkind" brought the Christmas tree and all the presents.

I think we will stay on this tradition till my daughters will be merried :-).

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lapendolare 22/12/2005 11:18

my best wishes for a marry christmas dear romy!a smile from italy :-)

Laurie 21/12/2005 14:32

I'm happy that you like my little stitched stockings. The designer is Hands to Work and the chart Christmas Stocking Ornaments. There are 3 stockings in the chart pack.
I enjoyed reading about your Austrian Christmas tradition for decorating the tree. Here in the US many of us have our trees up and decorated weeks before Christmas.

Barbara 21/12/2005 13:30

I am unfamiliar with this tradition (of decorating the tree) - it sounds lovely!
Your Christmas stockings are positively adorable.

Von 21/12/2005 07:50

Romy, your stockings are beautiful!  And I love the story of your Christmas tree tradition.   Merry Christmas!!

nataliejo 20/12/2005 23:25

Gorgeous ! I love them ! they are so cute and unusual !