Watergarden WIP or UFO???

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I used the last month of the year to do some progress on Watergarden by Chatelaine. I´m still up to 18 Wips, and when I´m doing a little progress on my different WIPs I think they are not called UFOs :-)!!

Soon the Christmas holidays will begin and I think I´ll celebrate them maybe with one or two new starts


But it´s so hard to decide which project to start next. I´m not sure what I´ll beginn?? Maybe Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose, or one of the needlwork accessoires designs I have in my stash, or maybe a new sampler???? Or maybe I´ll spend some days without stitching???

I would love to know how much WIPs everybody has in their working basket???

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Donna 23/12/2005 18:11

Beautiful, I really like the colors....I have the following WIP's.  Scarlet Letter Jane Parish 75% done, The Essamplaire Jane Turner just begun, Sheepish Designs Shady Day 80% done.  I can't get the satin stitch to lay straight. on this one.  Any recommendations?  Thinking about starting Sarah Tatum.  Ok, now I don't feel so bad with only 3 WIP.Merry Christmas.

kelley 23/12/2005 14:58

Merry Christmas Romy!  I have two WIPs in my basket - one to work on at home and one to work on at work during lunch break.

Angela 23/12/2005 07:11

I have just an ufo that is a big pattern by Laurence Roque and two wips that are the last class by Brightneedle and a Merry Cox pattern.
I've to admit that I hate have many wips in my basket because they make me anxious so I prefere to begin a project that I know that I'm able to finish.

Danielle 23/12/2005 03:25

Hi Romy,
I have listed mine before...lots and lots.  I, too, plan on starting some new projects in the new Year!!  I even have a little list going.... :)

Laurie 23/12/2005 01:35

Oh I think I have at least 25 WIPs in my stash closet.... I give you permission to start a few more projects during the holidays. :)