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I just pulled out all my items for decorating the tree tomorrow. DH really brought the most beautiful tree today. I´m really satisfied with his selection!

I have a wide range of Christmas decoration for the tree, mainly glas balls in the different colours. Each year the familiy don´t know how our tree will look like. Taditional with straw stars, or white and gold, or coloured........??? I love to choose every year a different style of the tree.

When I looked through my Christmas decoration I just found little wood crisp boxes which a girl friend painted for me years ago. It was at a time when children were very young and they always wanted a tree with a lot of chocolate and sweets. I don´t like the look of chocolate at the tree, so my friend made this boxes for me. They are very little about 3 - 4 cm (1,2-1,6inch) and they have a hanger for the tree and you can open them and put sweets inside.

I think they maybe would look nice too with a stitched cover??? Maybe I´ll make some for next Christmas!


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Anne (Gerdel) 04/01/2006 22:39

C'est bien joli tout cela!

Ginette 03/01/2006 01:56

what a neat idea, I have bought some little boxes and I will use them for next year.....  We bought 24 trisken bells (swiss cow bell) but tiny ones and they are in the Christmas tree...!

Anne D 02/01/2006 10:11

Quelle bonne idée !

Béa 25/12/2005 14:31

Très jolies boites !!! Joyeux Noël Romy :-)

Vero M 24/12/2005 12:29

Lovely boxes Romy !! I love them !! Joyeux Noel :0055: