the last new start for 2005

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Yesterday I had a new start. I started Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose. I totally forgot how funny and fast this Indigo Rose designs are to stitch.

Here´s my progress after day 1. I think I´ll stitch on this till it´s finished. So hopefully it will become my first finish in 2006!!

Catherine Agnes progress after day 1

Photo : Catherine Agnes 

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narmelle 27/12/2005 14:07

you are right, it is really pleasant to stitch IR designs - and yours will be beautiful !

Barbara 27/12/2005 11:50

I've really enjoyed catching up on your blog - great pictures! I hope your holidays have been wonderful!

Mercedes 27/12/2005 00:44

I have started and finished two IndigoŽs last two Xmas holidays.I hadnŽt any this year and then I got the Nantuket pin cushion in the House Exchange at Legacy that I Žm wishing to start. So, a third Indigo for now

Vero M 26/12/2005 23:27

This is gonna be beautiful Romy !! I love Indigo Rose :0055:

Romy 26/12/2005 22:59

Grace, come on!! Catherine Agnes is really a fun project!! And I think it´s really worth to finish it!!