Shaker Box

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I just looked again at my first Shaker Box. I always was admiring the Boxes when I saw them on the web. My friend Laurie helped me to buy a special one for a special project. The top of the box is a solied piece of  wood. It´s from a cherry tree, downed during the Hurricane of Isobel. The tree had "spalting" in the grain, and so this box is one of a kind.

And I also got a little box for a scissor and a thread pallet. I´m looking forward to line the box in a special way.

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Veronica 05/01/2006 09:05

Romy,  Oh, I really wish I had ordered the other pieces too. I have to at least get the thread palette. I am really looking forward to stitching Theresa's design.

Vero M 31/12/2005 16:43

This is truly a lovely box Romy :!!!
Happy new year :0010:

Su 31/12/2005 14:44

Beautiful box and accessories Romy, I'm looking forward to seeing how you line it. Su -UK

gwen mckenzie 31/12/2005 00:30

Beaautiful Box Romy. I have one but not as beautiful as this one.

Barbara 30/12/2005 20:13

Romy, I'm a wood freak and this box top of yours just has me drooling over my keyboard. What a gorgeous, unique piece of wood. I can't wait to see what lovely stitching project you  create for it!