Happy New Year!!!

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Happy New Year!!!

    Ein glückliches Neues Jahr!!!

A new year, a new game, a new WIP??? :-) !!!

After a wonderful night of celebrations the New Year, I think it´s time to set some stitching goals for 2006!!

At the end of December I had 18 WIPs. I think now it´s time to set some priorities in my stitching time. Maybe it´s a good way to select 3, 4 or 5 different WIPs and make progress on them. So I always have a WIP to work on which I´m really in the mood to make progress.

I´m thinking of a stitching small like a needlwork accessoir piece, a big sampler, one of the Chatelaine designs, a piece with specialty stitches and maybe a small project or a small sampler when I need a quick finish.

So I chose for the big sampler the English Band Sampler. Here´s my progress till December 2005

For the needlework accessoir piece I chose the My Beekeeper pocket. I´m close to the end of finishing the stitching and I´m looking forward to follow Jackies wonderful finishing instructions.

For the specialty stitches project I´ll do progress on the Indigo Rose Catherine Agnes. And for the Chatelaine project - .......today I started the Mystery IX during watching the New Years Concert Vienna. It really was a wonderful way to celebrate the first day of  the New Year :-)!!! So 19 WIPs at the 1th of January 2006!!

Maybe soon I´ll start a small sampler for the quick finished project!!

Let´s see how this all will work :-)!!!!!!

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lapendolare 02/01/2006 14:09

happy new year romy!

Mercedes 02/01/2006 00:06

Wow, Romy, I love this sampler, the colours are great and it Žs on my style. Happy New Year

Donna 01/01/2006 23:35

Romy, Happy New Year to you also.  I really like to see your work progress.  I will post a project I hope to finish this weekend on my blog very soon...Happiness and Good Health in 2006Donna

2miaou 01/01/2006 22:04

Alles Güte für 2006 und volgen Sie uns Ihre schöne Stickarbeiten zu zeigen!
Prosit mit einem Güten Glass Sekt! 
:0010: :0010:

narmelle 01/01/2006 19:59

happy new year Romy - all the best for 2006