progress on the Quaker Sampler

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Today I finished page two of the Quaker sampler. This designs are really funny and relaxing to stitch. And it´s funny to think about which colour to use next!

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Cathy C 13/01/2006 08:04

HI  Romy,
   I so love looking at your work, and this hornbook frame is lovely.  I also loved your Quaker sewing box, what interesting grain on the wood.  My husband would appreciate that as he used to be an avid woodworker.  I have a lovely grandfather clock that he built that is also in cherry wood and I treasure it.  I'll continue to look at your blog to see the progress on those 19 WIPs!  What a marvelous group of pictures.  Enjoyed seeing your DD also, and that snow. What a lovely picture and landscape!  Living in New Mexico, we do get snow, especially in the mountains, but this year has been dry thus far.  Have a wonderful New Year!   Cathy C

Arel 10/01/2006 10:11

lovely colours, keep on showing us pics

blandine 09/01/2006 17:56

really nice! Happy new year!

Béa 09/01/2006 13:24

It's beautiful Romy ... I love your colours choice !
Bravo !!!

Béa 09/01/2006 13:22

It's beautiful Romy ... I love your colours choice !
Bravo !!!