My Beekeeper class

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I finally finished the stitching for The Beekeeper class by Jackie du Plessies. Now I´ll follow Jackies excellent finishing instructions step by step.

Hope I can post a finished picture soon :-)!!

This pinwheels really look great!!!

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alanor 2 25/01/2006 21:54

Vraiment magnifique votre "Beekeeper", très réussi et bien fini, il me plait beaucoup.

Romy 15/01/2006 12:24

Cathy, don´t teasing me :-)! But now I´m really happy that I stitched those pinwheels!

Cathymk 15/01/2006 11:46

Congratulations Romy, I remember how much you enjoyed working those pinwheels.

AnneS 15/01/2006 04:47

Oh wow, that stitching looks exquisite!!  What a beautiful stitch - can't wait to see what it's going to look like finished :)

Mercedes 14/01/2006 18:26

Ohhhhhh, you have finished the stitching very soon since you posted about the begining of this piece!!!