MY BEEKEEPER finished :-)!!!

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Finally I finished MY Beekeeper by Jackie du Plessies and I have to tell you, I didn´t know how lovely it will look like when it´s finished. So now I´m so happy that I pulled it out and finished it :-)!!

I love stitching but I´m not really good in sewing, but with Jackies wonderful finishing instructions I was able to finish this exquisite design.

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 Just  beautiful!!!  it is a beatiful design but you have done a magistral job with it. Conratulations, Romy.<br /> Mayté
Romy, your beekeeper is STUNNING!!  Way to go - just exceptional! :)))  You should be very proud - you say you are not a good 'sewer' ... you'd never tell it from your finishing ... I'm speechless - it's awesome!! :))
Romy,<br /> It's stunning! Congratulations on your heirloom finish!
Romy, this is beautiful, what a wonderful finish.
Romy,<br /> This is soooooo gorgeous!!!  It has inspired me to pull mine out and try and work on it.  I want to take the next class with the accessories, so it would be really nice to be finished with this!  You should be very proud as yours looks perfect!!! :)