Quaker Mystery Sampler

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I´m just on page 5 of the Quaker Mystery Sampler, and here´s my progress so far. At the moment I´m not absolutely sure that it was the right decision to stitch a coloured Quaker Sampler ??? Maybe it would look better only one coloured ???!!!

I really don´t want to restart it, but I´ll have to think about it over the weekend. I would love to read your opinions!!!


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Kathy in WA 15/03/2006 10:46

I understand it can be intimidating to choose and place your own colors for the first time.  But your project is a complete success!  The colors you chose are rich and elegant, and your placement could not be better. 

Romy 09/03/2006 12:41

Barb, I certainly bought all of the Betsy Morgan kits the Swan Sampler Guild offered :-)!! Now I only need more stitching time :-))!!

Barb in WA 09/03/2006 12:09

I think single colored Quakers get bit boring, so I really enjoy seeing those with colors that go together well like yours do - I hope you will let us know the threads and fabric you are using :)
I am joining the Wiehenburg Quaker SAL and collecting the 6 Month Quaker mystery too.
Your blog and photos are an inspiration! Are you going to get the new Swan Sampler Stitchers 2006 project - Dianthus Box by Betsy Morgan? I saw the picture of her Spanish Sampler Etui in your blog last summer & sure wish I could have gotten that one.
Barb in WA

Romy 17/02/2006 20:09

Mayté, I didn´t much more progress on the Quaker Mystery. I´m still on page 5 and 6. I started the last motive in the first row in yellow. That´s all so far.

Mayté 17/02/2006 17:28

Romy , I love  the colors. I 'm also stitching this piece en multicolors using DMC Linen threads. DO you have an updated of your progress?