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I´m so happy that there was forming a SAL group for the Threads Through Time sewing roll.


That´s a gorgeous exclusive project from the Swan Sampler Stitchers Guild. I have the kit in my stash since a long time. But unfortunately I never started it. This SAL group now motivated me to pull it out, and I want to start it very soon.

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Stéf 16/02/2006 15:08

Congratulations for either your blog and our stitch !!!! See you soon !

Tanya 04/02/2006 02:38

Your Blog is lovely ~ I enjoyed reading it! The colors in the sewing roll kit are lusious ~ happy stitching!

Nini 17 02/02/2006 10:01

Very pretty, which splendid colors !!!

Su 31/01/2006 19:37

Oh Romy
This is going to be beautiful, I look forward to watching your progress.