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Some days ago I got thís Spread The Love Award from Barbara http://handgemachtes.blogspot.com/
I really was honored and delighted. It's always nice to hear that other wonderful stitchers are reading my blog, and maybe will get some inspirations.

But now it's my turn, to pass this award to another blogger.
That's really a very hard decision. There are so many beautiful blogs, I read regularly. And I learn so much from other stitching blogs and I get so much inspirations. I think I could list about 20 which I would love to pass this award further.

But as I have to decide vor one, I thought I will give it to Vero M  
I know she and her blog are well known in the "stitching world", but her blog was the first stitching blog I discovered, and she was the person who inspirated me to start a blog also! And she's such a kind and helpful stitching friend.
So I'll pass this award to Vero M and her

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Barbara 01/04/2008 09:42

Sehr gute Wahl, Romy. Als ich über Dein Blog zum ersten Mal auf Veros Blog kam, blieb mir buchstäblich der Mund offenstehen...!Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Bilder von Eurem EEF-SAL und wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche!

Véro L 30/03/2008 11:49

hello Romyyou are right VéroM's blog is so beautiful!! I'm really glad to read you again:))

Helen 29/03/2008 17:36

Hello Romy,  nice to see you back :-))  How lovely you got an award and I think you have passed it onto the right person for sure.  Vero was the first stitching blog and Albums I knew about too.  She comes across so nicely because she must be and of course is super talented and a ball of crafty energy ;-)) Hope you have a nice weekend and I think your eggs below are great! 

Véro M 29/03/2008 15:16

Merci merci Romy,I'm more than glad to receive such an honour from you !!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart !!Many hugs from grey Paris