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Here's my progress in the SAL I did with the EEF girls you can see here
I almost finished the Pink Hare Sampler. And I think it will be finished soon. I only have to add the ribbon roses and I really like how it came along.
I absolutely like to stitch this EEF designs, so I don't want to leave this SAL. Have to think about what I want to start next and maybe I can show another progress picture of another EEF design in 14 days!

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LiliRose 18/04/2008 18:49

Your blog is so beautiful, thanks

Brigitte 18/04/2008 14:16

Congratulations on two wonderful EEF finishes! You have some great stash to choose from.

KarenV 16/04/2008 13:10

That is such a pretty design!  Nice work Romy :)

Penelope 15/04/2008 17:43

This pattern is very very beautiful! Bravo..Baci Rita

Aprilblue 14/04/2008 20:31

Oh ! Very beautiful. I like this pattern. Please Romy, choose a new EEF to stay with us It's good gang !Rendez vous le 28 avril !I don't want you to leave !