The shepherdess

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After I saw Su's lovely Mary Beale sampler finished on her blog, I had to pull out my Mary Beale charts imediately and I had to start a little of her designs. I chose this little sampler and I'm stitching it on 36 count Flax Edinburg linen.
I really like this little shepherdress on the top and I think I have an idea how I'll finish it. Let's see if this will work.

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Su 25/04/2008 17:37

HA - SNAP!!!Romy - I've stitched the same one for me too, and finished it just not posted it on my blog yet was intending too next week. Can't wait to see how you will finish yours.Hugs Su

clob 20/04/2008 19:58

it's so pretty ! 

Carole 20/04/2008 19:02

C'est très beau,,,,j'adoreBonjour du Québec........Carole

staci 18/04/2008 16:52

A very pretty start!  I may have to look for some Mary Beale patterns too!

cocodup 18/04/2008 08:36

Very happy to see you again !!!! I don't know Mary Beale patterns but this one is very cute. I'm going to look for what she does :-)