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Yesterday I was in the mood to do some finishing. So I decided to finish House on the Holly Hock Hill into a pillow. I started sewing and don't laugh but for me sewing with the sewing machine is something like to climb the Mount Everest.
I put the top together and really everything worked quilt well. After this I added some buttons, ribbon and lace and I was really happy that I was able to sew a straight line. Now I only had to sew the back on the front, but this really became a disaster
First the needle broke, then I tried about 15 minutes to put the thread into the machine and 10 minutes more to put the thread into the needle. And it's really unbelievable after this I sewed the right side of the back to the wrong sight of the front!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really was close to throw away my sewing inclusive the sewing machine. But I didn't give up and so finally at 11:30 pm the pillow was finished. (Will not tell you when I started it)
I went to bed and I thought never in my life I'll toutch a sewing machine again.
But when I wake up in the morning and looked at my little pillow which really fits perfectly in my kitchen.........???
Maybe I have to give a second chance to my sewing machine. Let' see!!

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Helen 13/07/2008 14:57

Everything here is lovely ;-))

Mercedes 20/05/2008 20:36

Ahhhhh!!  I love it

Angela Sweby 15/05/2008 23:07

Romy, your little pillow is beautiful and well worth the grey hairs and few wrinkles it may have given you :>) It is lovely to see beautiful stitching finished off and looking so attractive. The trimmings are perfect.I have stitched the wrong sides together many times and once..aargh, I even ironed on the interfacing to the RIGHT side of my stitching!! What a terrible mistake..haha!With best wishes, Angela 

dany 14/05/2008 10:11

Merveilleux !Cette finition est très jolie !Je t'embrasse Romy et te souhaite une belle journée

Anna 11/05/2008 00:02

I think the pillow turned out  beautiful.  I once got up in the middle of the night to work on a sewing project - a pinafore for a dress I had made for my daughter.  The sewing instructions did not make sense earlier in the day, but I woke up and suddenly realized what needed to be done.  The dress and pinafore turned out very nice.