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Some time ago I ordered a lot of 2", 4" and 5" inch fabric squares. And now I got my order. I think they are really useful for finishing ornaments and other little stitchings.

I just "played" with the squares and I discovered that the colours fit perfect to the EEF little Sampler I just finished. I think I´ll try some patchwork for the finishing. Maybe I´ll stitch more of the samplers and will finish them all in one piece ?????????????????

I have to think about this. I really would love to be perfect in quilting and patchwork!!

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Catherine abc 22/02/2006 00:15

What a lovely idea to play with several little samplers and those gorgeous squares of fabric ! it would give you a colorful quilt...Go ! I'm looking forward to seeing the result...Friendly - Catherine abc

Su 21/02/2006 18:08

Gorgeous fabrics Romy, what a great idea too to make a small patchwork quilt up with the squares and your sewing.

Romy 21/02/2006 14:10

Vlalerie, I just found the picture in your blog. You did a wonderful job on this, will try to do something similiar!!

valerie 21/02/2006 11:33

beautiful fabric, i have use some to make an embroidered patch.

Nicki 21/02/2006 01:50

Those fabrics are just so lovely! They go perfectly :)