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I just was in the mood of a little easy, quick and "normal" cross stitch, so I started this Prairie Schooler ornament. Maybe it will become a nice ornament for Easter decoration.

I have a place where I hang all my ornaments

Now I thought maybe it´s nice to make more seasonal ornaments for decorating. I think one ornament a month would be a nice goal. There are a lot of  "one ornament a month" groups out, but usually only for Christmas ornaments. Mabey here are some stitchers which will join me in a one ornament a month SAL??

I think it would be nice viewing progress pictures and to discuss which ornament everybody want to start next.


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Joëlle 16/03/2006 22:09

It's so marvelous !
I be pleased to come back again.

Danielle 24/02/2006 22:35

I am also thinking about stitching some PS designs for two spring exchanges.  They are nice and fast and turn out very nice as small ornaments!  Yours is really lovely.  It is nice working on something for spring, isn't it?!

Sonja-Maria 23/02/2006 23:23

Das ist wunderschön und dann auch noch mein Lieblingsdesign TPS *super*. Bin ich Neugierig wie es weiter geht ;o). Liebe Grüße Sonja-Maria

Barbara 23/02/2006 14:52

Das ist eine schöne Idee, jeden Monat ein Ornament zu sticken! Ich freu mich schon auf die Bilder. Falls mir auch eines gelingt, kann ich Dir ja ein "Beweisfoto" mailen... ;-)Herzlichen Gruß, Barbara.

Su 22/02/2006 21:08

Thats a good idea Romy, that way it doesn't have to be Xmas orientated the whole year round as I often stitch ornaments that aren't christmassy.
Count me in, I would love to join you.

Romy in Austria 22/02/2006 23:06

Great Su, I´m looking forward to view which ornament you will choose first :-)!!!