TTT sewing roll progress

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Just I finished the 17th Century part of the Threads Through Time sewing roll. That´s really a special project from the Swan Sampler Guild. Usually I´m not a fan of bright colours, but this silks really look gorgeous, and I love the idea of a sewing roll with patterns of the different centuries. I´m really happy that I joined this SAL and hopefully, till the end of this year, I can add another special needlwork accessoir to my collection!

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Angi 28/02/2006 07:33

It's coming out perect.
i like the colors and I can't wait to see your progress on it!

Sonja-Maria 28/02/2006 01:00

Hallo Romy,
die Farben leuchten regelrecht, in Natura sieht es bestimmt noch schöner aus. Was ist das für ein Garn, Seidengarn?Wunderschön!
Liebe staunende Grüße Sonja-Maria

Su 28/02/2006 00:21

Its really beautiful Romy, the colours look gorgeous, so fresh.