Swan Thread Keeper

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Today I got another beautiful Thread Keeper designed by Jodi´s Dad. I love the swan and I´m curiously what he will design next :-)!!!

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Romy 03/03/2006 14:27

Vero, that´s walnut wood.

Billie 03/03/2006 05:56

Beautiful! I wish I could find something similar to yours.

Sonja-Maria 02/03/2006 21:52

Waouw, das ist ja Außergewöhnlich schön. Staune Grüße Sonja-Maria

Mercedes 02/03/2006 18:56

Wow, one more time a beautiful thread keeper, lucky girl

Vero M 02/03/2006 16:49

This is LOVELY...my DH made me one yesterday and now in a cheap wood, we have to find beautiful wood now...Do you know what kind of wood is this one , Romy ??
Thnaks a lot :-)