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The chart is available from me and there are more informations on my web site:

Romy in Austria, Tradition with a Future

There is included an alphabet for personalizing also. If you are interested please feel free to contact me about shipping costs and payment.
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Helen 13/07/2008 14:55

Romy,  what a fantastic achievement to finish your very own spot sampler,  it is incredible.   Then to see it like this produced as a chart so beautifully for sale to fellow stitchers !!  Wow :-)))  I love the picture of you and your daughter at the lake ,  it looks spectacular where you are and so lovely for it to be on your chart :-))Take care 

anna 04/07/2008 11:00

Congratulations, it is really beautiful!!!  I will definetely buy it in a few months time, once I finish some other Wips that I'm working on (who of them big red samplers).....

Anonyme 03/07/2008 15:45


dany 29/06/2008 18:20

un petit bonsoir en passant ....

monique 12/06/2008 16:24

This is so pretty, Romy... congratulations!