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If you sometimes read my blog, maybe you will know that I love antique sewing accessories.

Today I want to share with you pictures of my "Nähkästchens". Nähkästchen is a very usual word in German, maybe I can translate it into English with  "small sewing box".

I have some of them, but here are pictures of  the ones which I have in use. All of them are pieces of inheritance.

Here´s my sewing table (before I filled it with all the materials I need for finishing) :-)!!!


And here I started to display my stitching smalls. The box has a painting of a hunter scene inside, and I really like it.

And last but not least here´s the small box where I store my beads.

I love especially the top of the box which is made.........??? I really don´t know exactely, but it looks like bone or mother of perles??

I´ll take pictures of my other sewing boxes over the weekend. Maybe I´ll find some more to use or to display :-)!

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Romy 17/03/2006 20:12

Christina, I love your website,  your stitching and  your collections. Thank you for the link, I´ll visit it often!!

Cristina Zenha Rela 16/03/2006 22:53

Hello, RomyCongratulations for your wonderful sewing boxes and sewing table; I liked all of them and moreover  I think the sewing table  is an exquisite and magnificent piece ;-)) Can I give you a little help in relation with the top of your little box? It seems to me to be made with fish scales. In my country, Portugal, this is used to handcraft, with silver thread, beautiful pictures and box lids; It looks like mother-of-pearl.I 've a passion for sewing boxes, if possible, fitted with his sewing tools, but unfortunately I never find any here. Some time ago I bought a little sewing table wich I show in my website (rhapsody). Would you take a look also to my work?Best regardsCristina

Terri 12/03/2006 17:05

Romy!  They're all beautiful.  The last one is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

valerie 10/03/2006 10:22

Superbe !!

symiote 10/03/2006 07:17

Such beautiful boxes!! I would like to have some of them !!
You are  so lucky !!
Happy stitching! ( sorry  for my mistakes in english )