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Here's a little update what has been going on the last weeks!

I really have been busy with publishing my first design the Austrian Spot Sampler.
And I'm happy that I have been picked up by European Cross Stitch and they now will act as a distributor for the chart.
I'm just stitching on a new model, a smaler sampler quite differant as the Austrian Spot Sampler. It' s donated to my little daughter, who became thirteen this year. And now I slowly have to accept that her mother isn't the most important person in life anymore. I wanted to create a small samperl as a rememberance on this special time.
Hopefully I can show a picture of the model soon.

And because some of you asked, the two women on the cover of the chart are me and my DD on one of our lakes. Maybe you want to know how the area where we life looks like, so here's the color picture.

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mom 22/07/2008 11:47

beautiful photo! bye

Vero L 09/07/2008 21:29

manu thanks for this picture!! I just love it and I'm happy to "meet' you :))

Delphine 08/07/2008 22:17

C'est toujours difficile de voir grandir ses enfants !!! Quelle belle  preuve d'amour que de créer un modèle en son honneur !! Je suis pressée de voir le résultat. La région où tu habites semble être magnifique !!Amicalement !

Asta 07/07/2008 11:47

I wish You a good luck Romy!:)

Brigitte 04/07/2008 20:13

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem tollen Erfolg! Aber das war offensichtlch, denn dein Sampler ist sehr schön. Bin schon mal gespannt auf den neuen kleineren Sampler.