Marlene's Sampler

Publié le par Romy in Austria

Just I  finished the stitching on a new design. This is "Marlene's Sampler" which is dedicated to my DD Marlene who became thirteen this year. This is a little sampler about 130x130 stitches and it is stitched primary with
Old Willow Stitchery threads some DMC threads and one color of Gentle Art Sampler threads

As I told you, I have designed and I have stitched this sampler as a special rememberance on the time when she has become a real teenager. I think that's always a special time for a mother, and I'm sure soon she will become an adult and I think soon she will no longer look like my little sunshine on the picture.
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Vaida 21/07/2008 19:56

It's really a nice sampler and I'm sure your daughter will treasure it in the years to come. You're amazing creator!

Tanya 17/07/2008 03:01

Hi Romy,What a lovely design and even more lovely the sentiment behind it. How perfectly beautiful to capture the age for her in this lovely piece of needlework. Way to go!Tanya

Angela Sweby 17/07/2008 02:18

Romy,Once again your imagination and your heart have joined together to create a beautiful unique design to celebrate this special time in your young daughter's life. Marlene will always have something to treasure and she will always be the sunshine in your life.Warm wishes 

Susimac 15/07/2008 18:00

Its so beautiful, I love it and what a lovely thiing to design for your daughter.Hugs

Milly 14/07/2008 21:27

Beautiful sampler Romy.