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Publié le par Romy in Austria

Marlene's Sampler is now finished and framed. I just took the picture and have to show it immediately. Soon I'll put the chart on my website and I think soon it will be also available in US.

Now I'm looking forward to continue working on another tradition monochrome sampler. Hopefully I'll be able to show you more soon!!

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Vaida 07/10/2008 13:12

Dear Romy,thanks again for such a beautiful design! I have finished it today and the picture is on my blog :)

dany 18/09/2008 08:44

I sent you an e-mail because I am interested in this attractive model I kiss you and wish you a beautiful day

dany 29/07/2008 23:14

What a magnificent realization!I kiss you Romy and wish you a sweet night

Angela Sweby 24/07/2008 01:13

Romy,It's really beautiful and such a wonderful lasting gift for your daughter Marlene.  I wish you every success with it :>)Best wishes 

VavadesNeiges 23/07/2008 21:06

the frame matches very well with your stitching, well done !