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One thing my parents taught me was -  to live in the present, but to preserve the best of the past.

I always have loved antique needleworks, so I started to collect them in my youth and I really love and treasure them a lot. Here are some pictures of my collection and some history about it.

Back in 1882 here in my hometown there was a needlework school where young girls between 10 and 15 were thaught in all kinds of needlwork. After the girls had learned to make perfect needlworks, they had been able to earn some money with producing table clothes, curtains, pillows...... 
The embroideries were purchased from nobles and spa guests.

This kind of school was named "home industry". I'm happy to have some of the pieces and some samplers the girls made in this school in my collection.
They really are a great inspiration for me and I love viewing them and touching them. And I absolutely want to preserve the borders and motives for the future. That's really a wonderful inspiration.
And sometimes I have the feeling to feel the spirit of the past.

Here are some pictures:

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Elisa 18/08/2008 07:31

Hi Romy you have a precious collection! une chance de pouvoir préserver ces témoignages du passé

Leena 07/08/2008 06:42

Wow, you have a wonderful collection!!

Angela Sweby 06/08/2008 13:19

Romy,Your blog is always so interesting to visit. Sometimes you show us beautiful things you have stitched and made and other times you teach us something of the history of stitching and your country.These embroideries are remarkable. To think they were made by such young hands. You are so lucky to be able to enjoy them so closely. Thank you for sharing them with us.Warm wishes 

michele picard 06/08/2008 10:28

very nice and interesting . Thank you for sharing these treasureshave agood day michele

Mercedes 06/08/2008 10:19

Wow Romy, what a lucky girl you are, beautiful treasure in your hands and inspiration for your new step desinging.