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I really have enjoyed viewing the pictures of the first completed Austrian Spot Samplers. It's thrilling to view how my first design comes "to life"!

As a little "thank you" I want to donate a little gift to the first three finished Austrian Spot Samplers.

I choose a tiny replica of Austrian Empress Sisi's Diamond stars, that she usually plaited in her long hair, what you can see on the postcard below.

So one star will go to Bhooma in Indianapolis and one star to Asta in Lithuania.
You can view Bhooma's  gorgeous finished sampler below and Asta has put a picture of her beautiful finish on her blog.
Ladies, I hope you will enjoy the tiny gift as a little rememberance!

So there is one start left, I'm really curiously where the third Sisi Star will go?????
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cathy 22/10/2008 18:06

J'adore Sissi et son histoire. C'est trop beau !

FABIOLA 23/08/2008 15:33

Me encanta tu pagina esmuy bella y a a la vez delicada siempre la visito asi que como dia a dia la veo te dejo un regalito en mi pagina un cariño FabiolaLima Peru

Gingin 18/08/2008 19:52

What a lovely idea...!  I am not doing the Sampler as I have too much to do but your blog is so nice that it is an inspiration to have a look at it.

claudia 18/08/2008 19:29

Un hermoso blog, con maravillosos  bordados , felicitaciones.

Asta 14/08/2008 12:44

Dear Romy, thank You very much for this amazing donation - Austrian Empress Sisi's Diamond star! Its a realy unexpected and very wonderful surprise for me!!! Thank You again:)