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It doesn´t look like spring here in my region this year. It´s still snow here and it´s way too cold for spring. I´m so waiting for a warmer season.

I just found a picture which was taken about 18 years ago in spring. It shows my daughter when she was one year old. She will become 19 this year. I like this picture it looks so "springfully".

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argone 20/04/2006 11:14

beautiful picture ! hugs

Laly 31/03/2006 13:36

I can't prevent me from leaving a message on your blog for this article : the picture is wonderful!!!! You have the feeling to smell the flower's perfume and the rays of the sun on your face. And your daughter is so cuuuuute!!!!
Thank you for this very pleasant moment.

Moune 29/03/2006 14:29

Deine Tochter ist wirklich ganz goldig in dieser Wiese mit allen diesen Blumen ! Ja, die Zeit geht schnell, manchmal viel zu schnell... Es hat auch Vorteile : unsere Kinder werde Erwachsene, mit den man reden kann.

Mimi 25/03/2006 17:24

Bien vu ce blog ! Continue ainsi ! :)

Sonnerie Gratuite

Barbara 25/03/2006 16:28

This is such a timeless and beautiful photo. Thanks for sharing!