thread keepers again

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Today I got again a wonderful package from Jodi. She sent some lovely springfully fabric, ribbons for finishing and...... another thread keeper. This oval shape is really lovely to stitch a little design on it.

And she sent me a picture of one of the newest designs.... a lovely bunny. As I love rabbits I definitely have to order this. Slowly my thread keeper collection is growing :-)!!


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Cathy HUET aus Frankreich 31/03/2006 14:51

I just bought Romy a marvelous threads keeper in heart's form....I will show you on my blog in the week end....

lisa 29/03/2006 22:41

I love that rabbit thread keeper and your other things are lovely as well.

Nicki 29/03/2006 00:23

That rabbit is lovely isn't it? :)

lapendolare 28/03/2006 15:44

i've not keepers. in italy we don't use them. but they are beautiful!i can made someone with my husband...a smile for you from a raining italy :-)