Online Needlework Show

Publié le par Romy in Austria

The online needlework just started, and I'm really a little excited because it's the first time my designs can be found on the show page of European Cross Stitch Co. which is my distributor.

Only retailers are able to place orders there, but it's so nice viewing the pages of all the different designers 
Now I know what I'll do the next hours this evening and probably some more hours the next days till the show will close, and surely it will end with a list of several MUST HAVE charts. There are always a lot of charts I can't live without.
"c'est la vie!!"
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Ivory Spring 29/09/2008 22:22

Your sampler is absolutely stunning!!!

Aprilblue 26/09/2008 21:06

Congratulations Romy !:-)))

Tracy 25/09/2008 03:36

It must be a wonderful feeling to see one of your designs on the show page...Congrats!