Breath Cancer Awareness Month

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October is Breath Cancer Awareness Month and so I want also do my little part of promoting  Breath Cancer Awareness with this Pink Ribbon freebie
click here to get the chart.

I think it would look nice finished as a Pink Ribbon Biscournu!

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Marion 02/06/2009 22:18

Danke für das schöne Freebie. Dein Biscornu das du hier zeigst ist sehr schön.LG, Marion

Shay 10/10/2008 04:20

The design is beautiful. I hope to stitch it soon and will send a pic.Thank you for your thoughtfulness.Shay

Susimac 09/10/2008 22:19

Thankyou Romy its very beautiful((hugs))

Barbie 03/10/2008 20:33

Thank you, Romy!  The Breast Cancer Awareness square is lovely!!